Behind the Opening Ceremony Annual for iPad

For the past few months, we’ve been working on an interactive iPad Application project in collaboration with Opening Ceremony, the celebrated fashion label and boutique.

Today, we’re proud to announce the debut of OC ANNUAL, an interactive iPad magazine that acts as a companion to Opening Ceremony’s new annual print magazine.

When we starting talking to Opening Ceremony about a possible collaboration, we decided there was an opportunity to create something fresh and innovative, a truly innovative editorial experience. We love books, magazines and print. We also love the novelty of multi-touch gesture-based devices for narrative storytelling, and storymaking. It’s an excitingly new space full of opportunity and possibility.

The OC Annual iPad app presents interactive stories that feature original photography, film, audio and even a few games. It showcases the work of iconic and emerging artists Bruce Weber , Poppy de Villenueve , Andrew Kuo , Leslie David , Carlos Charlie Perez , Dis Magazine, and a brand new collaboration between Tim Barber and Terence Koh . 

Together with Opening Ceremony & the various artists, Gin Lane concepted, designed and developed a truly modern magazine. Rather than mirroring the 288-page print version, we created a unique complementary experience. To do so we worked closely with each artist and the Opening Ceremony teal to concept and create exclusive content with the iPad’s interactivity in mind. The end result is a unique gesture-based experience with a different twist each of the  ANNUAL’s digital stories.

The app’s interface is inspired by the tactile nature of a paper magazine with a “stacking” table of contents. The application’s navigation interface was designed to be practically invisible, utilizing multi-touch gestures to drive exploration between the app’s stories.

The application is available for free download today in the Apple iOS App Store. For more information on OC ANNUAL, visit the official website. We hope you download it and have some fun :)

Interview with Emmett Shine of Gin Lane

Tell us about The Annual iPad App?
Opening Ceremony and adidas partnered to create a unique sports-themed collaboration clothing line which premiered during the Olympics. To celebrate the collection, OC commissioned a beautiful magazine to be made with leading and emerging photographs and artists.

In speaking with Opening Ceremony, we realized there was a wonderful opportunity to get in before the content was concepted and shot to work with the artists and photographers in thinking through creating additional content exclusively for a very different interactive iPad experience than almost any other tablet magazines we could find.

We talked closely with the Opening Ceremony team and each artist to come up with storyboards and concepts that would be different, engaging, enjoyable and encourage multi-touch gesture based driving by users.

Why did you decide to do this collaboration with Opening Ceremony?
Opening Ceremony has a tradition of excellence in collaborating with innovative and boundary-pushing artists. We were excited to work with them and the roster involved in the project. The artists were really excited themselves and all extremely thoughtful.

Why are you excited about this application?
We’re very excited about multi-touch based experiences. It’s more free and fun way to interact with content. There is something liberating about consuming and interacting with content by pulling, pushing, sliding and gripping content - it’s a return to a more tactile, tangible experience.

The stories and content for the application lend itself perfectly to experiment and have fun with what a user can do. All the artists were super receptive to the concept of creating art that users could alter, edit and interact with - which was refreshing and not always the norm.

How is this work similar to other Gin Lane Media projects?
Our work is a constant progression of perfecting what we know and pushing into what we don’t … but want to. Right now we’re currently concepting, designing, developing and currently installing, a lot of interactive gesture-based applications and this fits right in.

What would you tell people using the application?
To use their hands and have fun :)